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Vision Test Apps

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Recently, as IPhones become more and more popular and people are donwloading apps like crazy, vision test apps have been popping up in the news.  Lens manufacturer Essilor has created one. Since its launch in mid July 2010 it has permanently occupied the number one slot in the Medical App Chart with download figures reaching 366, 000.

These apps have been launched to help us test our vision and provide an entertaining diversion.  Generally they consist of several sections including eye exercises and tests.  Essilor’s app will even help you find an optician near you.  While these apps are not meant to replace regular visits to the optician they are a fun way to learn more about sight and your vision.

‘Which?’ Report blasts Ready Readers

Friday, November 12th, 2010

In an article of 28th October 2010 Which? found that off-the peg reading glasses, or ‘ready readers’, could cause eye strain and in some cases double vision.

In the investigation 14 pairs of glasses from 7 high street shops were quality checked by Which?’s optometrist.  Problems were found with half the glasses tested.  The most common problem was lens centres at different heights.  One pair contained the wrong prescription and another had a loose nylon thread that could cause the lenses to fall out quickly.

Should it be so easy to buy something that could give you headaches and make you see double?  We certainly don’t think so.  If you are looking for quality reading glasses try those offered on  Our glasses are fitted by hand using high quality frames and lenses and are not ‘ready readers.’  If you are interested in reading more about Which?’s findings please view the article in full at:—one-big-headache-234513/