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Architecture Icons Wear Frames With Style

Monday, June 27th, 2011

To architects design is important so it follows that they pay attention to the style and design of the glasses they wear.

Design is important to us too which is why we have carefully selected our collection of vintage frames and are proud of our Black Eyewear collection created by Robert Roope, glasses and sunglasses designer.

Here are some architecture gurus through the ages and the design inspired specs they wore.

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the greatest American architects.  He was known for his Prairie School movement and notorious private life.  He wore a frame similar to Black Eyewear Bix.

Walter Gropius was a founder of the Bauhaus movement in Germany and The Architects Collaborative in the US.  He wore glasses similar to Vintage 50s Jake.

Le Courbusier was a pioneer of Modern Architecture or the International Style.  He is best known for his Villa Savoye and wore round frames similar to Black Eyewear Coltrane.

Philip Johnson is best known for the Sony Building (formerly AT&T) in New York and his Glass House.  He often collaborated with Mies van der Rohe and wore round specs similar to our Black Eyewear Monk.

As a student I. M. Pei was very interested in the early modern masters.  You may be familiar with his glass Pyramids at the Louvre or the JFK Library.  His iconic round tinted glasses are identical to Black Eyewear Chico.

It is hard to miss the creations of Frank Gehry whose works such as the titanium clad Guggenheim in Bilbao have become tourist attractions.  He frequently may be seen wearing classic Aviators.

Richard Meier is best known as the architect of the Getty Center in Los Angeles.  Of note are his prominent use of the colour white and his fab round glasses.